Mucoid Plaque – What’s going on?

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What if, just like you, people are waking up every day … hundreds of thousands of them …wondering, worrying, and asking themselves …

“Why … why … why is it that the diets, the vitamin supplements, the
exercises and all my attempts to stay fit and healthy  JUST DON’T SEEM  TO WORK for me?”

Wouldn’t you think it strange if all those people went to
their doctors …and said they just didn’t feel healthy …
and were told,

“It’s genetic,” (but their whole family is in great shape …)
“It’s lack of good nutrition,” (but they only eat low-fat,
organic, wholegrain food …)

“It’s lack of exercise,” (but they have just come from the gym …)



The medical profession can’t make money out of healthy people.
Medics and doctors can only make money out of people who get

That doesn’t mean doctors are evil! But doctors do have a vested
interest in the sick!

They have to live and pay their mortgages too.

It just means that YOU had better learn how to take control of
your own health.

Without expensive hospital equipment, nobody can see what is going on inside their own intestines!  So, hidden influences on your health, like mucoid plaque, can stay invisible.

But health and fitness always depend upon the intestines. This is a well-known and proven medical FACT. Food gets chewed, swallowed, into the stomach, then into the intestines for digestion.

If your intestines are coated with slimy, toxic, mucoid plaque and parasites, what are the chances of your intestines being able to function effectively?

Unfortunately … very low! So you can eat as healthily as you like, but with mucoid plaque coating the inside of your intestines you may not get the full benefit of the food you eat.

But WHAT IF you knew the answer to ‘Why do I feel so unhealthy, even though I eat properly?’, ‘What’s the REAL reason I’m so run-down?’ Why do I get colds and other minor illnesses as often as I do? What does your doctor really mean when he or she tells you it’s ‘all in the mind!’? Do they really mean, “it’s probably all in the gut but we can’t say that because our professors will scorn us!’?

But did you know that some revolutionary doctors have come up with natural remedies for mucoid plaque …  and mucoid plaque removal … and other doctors call them ‘rebels’  …?

Between doctors, ‘rebel’ is not a compliment!

But it’s not so long ago that homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths and osteopaths were regarded as ‘rebels’ and were given a hard time because they rocked the boat, they questioned the status quo, they argued with their professors and, worst of all, some of them even dared
to suggest that regular ordinary people should have more control over their own health!